Throwback 13th (#004)


“The word ‘fuck’ in a record. You were like, “How did he do that? How’d he say ‘fuck’? KISS doesn’t say ‘fuck.’

The Dead Kennedys had the ability, that if you weren’t crazy, they made you crazy in 15 minutes. You came in all serene, “I just smoked a joint, I’m cool.” Next thing you know, danana nanana nanana and you were like, “Ahhhh, I’m gonna kill somebody!” That’s what they made you feel like. “Give me something, ahhh!” It’s like my schoolteacher’s on acid and he’s yelling at me!” It’s rad, you’re into it. You’re like, “I’m here. Fuck recess. I’ll pee right here. I don’t need a hall pass!”

I admire Jello. I don’t wanna call him a teacher because that’s probably not what he would want to be referred to as. But his music did that. Like, what the fuck is this? Who the fuck is Pol Pot?” I’m like ten and I can’t listen to a Discharge record unless all the lights are on and my mom’s home, ‘cause it’s scarin’ the shit outta me. A nuclear war? What the fuck? Crucifix is saying 1984, the worlds gonna end, and I’m just like “Ahhh, we got two years to live! I’m 13, I’m never gonna get my wiener sucked.” The things you think about, you know. You got Jello screaming in one ear, Sothira’s screaming in the next. and you’re just like, “Oh fuck. I’m doomed!”

-Lars Frederiksen (Gimme Something Better: The Profound, Progressive, and Occasionally Pointless History of Bay Area Punk from Dead Kennedys to Green Day)

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