Doesn’t English (#024) – Rutka Laskier


There’s one thing I will never do in life and that is spell the word ‘Czech’ properly on the first try, so you can imagine my frustration in realizing I had no choice but to feature this band on The Doesn’t Suck. Not because mobsters in Prague threatened to cut my ears off if I didn’t, but because it fecking slaps emocore you guys. Also they’ve called themselves Rutka Laskier, which as I’ve discovered, is not Czech for anything. It’s actually the name of an Anne Frank type girl who also wrote a diary, which is less famous because it was not shared publicly until 2005! She was Polish too, much like my grandfather who would have been about the same age as her, so in my mind that means they were friends and probably did Polish stuff together like eat sausages and, umm, make sausages? Why is a Czech band named after a Polish girl who died in the Holocaust you ask? Well that’s a pretty ignorant question don’t you think? Who’s to say Polish people don’t live in the Czech Republic? You should really do some research on this. Also, if you have ears, you should listen to this album.

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