COMPOST (May 2020)

Still stuck at home, scratching at the walls, bored out of your skull? Cool! Me too! I’m at the point now where I’m sick of finding things to do. I just want to stare at a wall or something. I don’t even want to listen to music right now, but if you do.. here.. waste a day digging through these comps I found! A few hundred bands at least. Most of which you will probably like, depending on your taste.

πŸ’€Jesus Christ Supermarket – Greenday Tribute (pop-punk) (power-pop)
πŸ’€Bailey Vol.1 – Marly Records (bedroom) (dream-pop) (shoegaze)
πŸ’€Jessie Vol.2 – Marly Records (punk) (bedroom) (lo-fi) (shoegaze)
πŸ’€Reconstruction – Stonehenge Records (punk) (hardcore) (france)
πŸ’€Mixtape – FDH Records & Suicide Bong Records (punk) (garage) (synthpunk)
πŸ’€Ones & Twos – Zegema Beach Records(screamo) (emo) (emo-violence)
πŸ’€MMXX – Bus Stop Press (punk) (crust) (folk-punk) (hardcore)
πŸ’€Aquabear Legion 8 – Aqua Bear Legion (punk rock) (inde-rock)
πŸ’€Pilipinas HC Vol.2 – Still Ill Records (punk) (hardcore) (philippines)
πŸ’€Hidden Gems – PPRW Records (pop-punk) (ska-punk) (skate-punk)
πŸ’€City Rockdown – Kolibri Rekords (indie-rock) (dream-pop) (indonesia)
πŸ’€GR Sample – Girlsville Records (punk-rock) (riot grrrl)
πŸ’€Ghost Town Initiative – Ghost Town Initiative (punk) (hardcore) (metal)
πŸ’€Killed By Slow Death 1 – Slow Death Records (punk) (crust) (d-beat)
πŸ’€Storrady 2 – Tego Slucham (punk) (post-punk) (garage-rock)
πŸ’€These Kids Are Sick – I Buy Records (ramonescore) (vapids-tribute)
πŸ’€Social Distancing – Yellants (punk rock) (anthem-punk)
πŸ’€Quarantine Comp 2 – Horror Punks USA (punk rock) (horror-punk)
πŸ’€Never Alone – DCHC519 (antifa) (hardcore) (oi) (punk)
πŸ’€OsterSampler – Pestspiele Booking (punk) (hardcore)
πŸ’€Exploitational Sampler – Creep Records (punk) (emo) (hardcore)
πŸ’€Killed By Boredom – One Chord Wonder (punk rock) (garage-punk)
πŸ’€State Champler – State Champion Records (indie-rock) (noise-rock) (punk)
πŸ’€Pogo Discos Vol.1 – Pogo Discos (punk rock) (garage) (argentina)
πŸ’€Fragementos – Antonia Amor Y Ruido (punk) (emo) (screamo) (colombia)

COMPOST (#013) – Jeruk Records


Last month’s Comp Post spurred on a major Mutant Pop Records nerd-out. This month I’m trying not to have a full on Lookout! Records nerd-out. Back to back nerd-outs are not good for my sperm count, and a Lookout! Records nerd-out is like the motherload of all nerd-outs. (My Google analytics told me I need to use the words β€˜nerd’ and β€˜out’ more often). I’m just going to explain this quickly and then get the hell out of here before something weird happens. Jeruk Records is an Indonesian label that appears to specialize in 90’s-style pop punk of the weasel persuasion. They’re going to anyway. It looks like they only have 2 releases on Bandcamp so far, this comp being the first. An introduction, if you will, to the kind of kickassery they’re planning on dishing out. Keep a close eye on these guys, and don’t be surprised if you see me talking more about them in the future. I have to go, this is getting too intense! Giggity!

POSTSCRIPT: Sorry about the Quagmire thing.