Top 10 Albums/EP’s That DON’T Suck [APRIL 2021]

skullcrusher storm in summerSkullcrusher – Storm In Summer
(emo) (indie-folk)
Los Angeles, CA

her new knife destrozaHer New Knife – Destroza
(shoegaze) (noise-rock)
Tallahassee, FL

foreign bronze the far arenaForeign Bronze – The Far Arena
(post-hardcore) (screamo)
Los Angeles, CA

evan greer spotify is surveillanceEvan Greer – Spotify Is Surveillance
(indie-punk) (queer-punk)
Boston, MA

buckets self titledBuckets – Self Titled
(indie-punk) (garage)
Los Angeles, CA

the shivvies self titledThe Shivvies – Self Titled
(ramones-core) (pop-punk)
Rotterdam, Netherlands

learners thousands of hoursLearners – Thousands Of Hours
(post-punk) (sci-fi)
Brooklyn, NY

core bee sit and drinkCore Bee – Sit And Drink
(folk-punk) (pop-punk)
Barrie, Ontario

crimen c.r.i.m.e.n.Crimen – C.R.I.M.E.N.
(punk) (hardcore)
Duitama, Columbia

rata negra una vida vulgarRata Negra – Una Vida Vulgar
(punk) (garage-punk)
Madrid, Spain

The top ten is kinda late this month. I’ve been a bit busy ok. It doesn’t seem to matter how much is going on though, or how tired I am.. I always seem to make time to search for new music. I can’t stop. It’s an addiction. I don’t get high off it though. Nope, not even chasing the dragon anymore. I’m at the point now where I do this just to keep from shaking.

Happy Anniversary The Doesn’t Suck! You’re officially four years old! You have a lot of music in you. I put it there. Yeah I put it in you. You’re so full of music dood. When I first met you you were all “Hey I’m a big empty website! Gosh I wish I had some music in me, wah wah wah”. Then I came along and I’m like “Hey I found a whole bunch of music, uhh can I keep it here?” and you’re like “Sure!” then I’m like “Here you go!” and you’re like “Ohhh, it’s this type of music” and I just shrugged my shoulders. Ohhh how we laughed! Hahahahaha

Anyway here we are, still crazy after all these years. I’m not the kind of man who tends to socialize. I seem to lean on old familiar ways, and I ain’t no fool for love songs that whisper in my ears. Still crazy after all these years.


Still crazy after all yeez thears!

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Doesn’t English (#017) Apsurd + Riviera + Rata Negra + Teksti-tv 666


You know I started going through new releases this month and by October 4th I already had three non-english releases in high interest for the monthly Top 5. I thunk it over and decided I would have to dump them all here for the DE this month, cuz at this rate I’ll never narrow down a Top 5. It’s just going to be one of those months, I can tell. Let’s be clear now, every one of these releases is easily Top 5 material for October. Except for maybe Teksti-tv 666 because that was released in September.

If you’re a hardcore head you need to focus your attention on Derealizacija by Apsurd. I’m going bananas about this thing. Serbian hardcore could easily become my new obsession if it all sounds like this. Come to think of it, this is probably staying in the Top 5.

If ruckus Italian emo is more your thing then zero in on Contrasto by Riviera. This is pretty adventurous stuff. Hard to describe actually. Umm it’s like riding a unicorn naked. You know what that’s like right? Yeah, it’s like that, and guess what.. The unicorn is also naked.

Also from Spain is Rata Negra which means Black Rat. I didn’t even use google to translate that. This is why you guys need to trust every word I say. I clearly know what I’m talking about. Listen to this if you like scratched-raw melodic punk en Espanol.

If you’re looking for something a little more, uh, Scandinavian, then you’re gonna wanna have a listen to Teksti-tv 666 from Finland. Man this thing slaps. Big sound, lots of attitude and that’s about as far as I can go in describing this. Figure it out for yourself.