Doesn’t English (#026) – Kiteflighter


From deep within the pierogi-stuffed bowels of the Ukraine, here is a scrappy emo outfit called Kitefighter. Have you ever seen a kite fight? Not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. Holy hell, the strings, the wind.. It gets ugly. Wait, it’s Kiteflighter? Feck! In doing a bit of research I discovered that the word Ukraine itself actually means something like “borderlands”. Which is why it’s the Ukraine and not just Ukraine. Which begs the question: If “canada” means “village” why the feck are we not calling it The Canada? I know I will be from now on. It’s what M. Night Shyamalon would have wanted. May he rest in peace. If you are still reading this, you must have a very high tolerance for total nonsense, and since that’s the case I would like us to be friends forever saved-by-the-bell-style.

2 thoughts on “Doesn’t English (#026) – Kiteflighter

  1. Awesome, glad you wrote about these guys! This was one of my fav scrap heap finds this year. I love the “Doesn’t English” series, but I’m more partial to the Spanish ones since that’s a language I speak, and sometimes I have a hard time getting into it if I can’t sing along. With Kiteflighter tho, I actually think not knowing the words makes me like it more. I’m not *super* into emo, and idk, maybe their lyrics suck, but I’ll never know. If I was to make a Top 10 records for the first half of the year, Kiteflighter and Lxs Diamantes would be the “Doesn’t English” representatives on the list. Keep up the good work man, always love getting the notifications in my email about yr blog.


    • Oh man, thanks so much for the feedback. I love hearing that people are finding something they like on the blog. Haha yeah I think about that sometimes too with non english band: “what if these lyrics suck? Oh well who cares! I don’t understand a word of it!”


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